En marge - special projects






Designed in collaboration with

DHC/ART Education, offered in conjunction

with the exhibition L’OFFRE

from October 5, 2017 to March 11, 2018

at DHC/ART Foundation



“Starting with a simple and playful proposition—to realize an “artistic canning”—, Home Canning echoes notions in L’OFFRE, such as exchange, preservation and shared experience. Canning is used to preserve food that, through hermetic sealing, becomes non-perishable. This technique will be used in the workshop to formulate a thought destined for someone unknown by arranging found materials.


The workshop begins with participants gathering material prior to their arrival at DHC/ART. They will collect odds and ends found in their environment, whether inside (at home, at work, at school…) or outside (at their home base or on their way to DHC/ART).” — Source : DHC/ART


Laboratoire d’exploration

en interventions urbaines

et performatives

With the Collectif L’Araignée



Garbage and bulky waste collection day in Montreal’s Mile End neighbourhood. What better opportunity to organize a conversation with Noémie McComber and Helena Martin Franco. Collective L'araignée's Laboratory .


— L’Araignée, collectif de diffusion et d’expérimentation en art actuel


Performance | 6h


Presented within the context of the OFFTA 2014 edition’s program, in coproduction with PME-ART


May 31

Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui

salle Jean-Claude Germain, Montreal


"Jacob Wren, interdisciplinary performer and writer, has always been interested in the idea of contemporary nomadism and the rebellion against pervasive sedentarism. Raphaëlle de Groot, a pioneer Montreal visual artist, is about to leave everything behind and settle in Brazil with her family in an attempt to radically rethink her lifestyle. On the night before her departure, they organize a garage sale during which she will be able to let go of her belongings, to free herself before leaving towards new territories. A reflection on the concept of wandering and of territorial affiliation. " 


—Source: OFFTA 2014



Jacob Wren +

Raphaëlle de Groot


Curatorial project presented by the artist run center Dare-dare in collaboration with the Centre d’histoire de Montréal from May 31 to September 22, 2002


With Action Terroriste Socialement Acceptable, Caroline Boileau, Mireille Cliche, Ani Deschênes, Guy Giard, Internationale virologie numismatique, Denis Lessard, Nadia Myre, Terres en vues and Vlan paysages.




The intention with Mémoire vive was to bring together artists and professionals in the fields of history, heritage, and museums around questions that would prompt them to reconsider the relationships between memory and urban space: How does memory exist in the city and in the community? Who and what does it serve? Artists and specialists were asked to share investigative techniques and strategies of intervention to pose concrete actions in the city. The idea was to establish connections between “dead” memory, reified in documents, writings, objects, and vestigial artifacts—or yet still, between latent and anonymous memory—, and a “living” memory, rooted in a constantly regenerated present.


The projects brought forth by participants offered various points of view on history and the role of the artist. Beyond their chosen historical subjects, they explored various social functions that might generate times of rest and opportunities for chance encounters. At such moments of pause, and often of subversion, history was being reread on an intimate scale.


Mémoire vive