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cycles and projects


The constellations of the  hippocampus

On going public art project 

Exhibition cycle

marking the conclusion of

The Burden of Objects project 



Performed collection

The Burden

   of Objects

Minganie, Quebec Côte-Nord

Residency, bivouac-exhibition, medium-length film



I work in contact with human realities. Some projects involve my moving through social, cultural, living, and working environments, opening up a field for creation through this experience. In this way, all sorts of data and objects specific to each context enter the creative process. A wide variety of materials are sampled, collected, inventoried, archived, arranged, reorganized. The people in the environments I explore participate in these processes.

Reorganizing residual materials

of artistic practice

Around Remains

Performance works

The Body in


Other projects are based more on situations that I set up in venues associated with art (museum, gallery, exhibition centre, art school), which I envisage as spaces for encounter and experimentation – shared exercises – by instituting a field for creativity around performative actions or presences: I blind myself, I count, I weigh, I burden myself, I carry, and so on. These gestures engage a form of exchange or participation, or they flow from gifts or other items received from participants. As a condition of the process, a sense of connection or reciprocity is established – whence the notion of shared exercise.

Biella, Italy

Field work  in a textile factory

8 x 5 x 363 + 1

Drawing project with blind and visually impaired persons


Investigating the history and reality of working as a caregiver in Montreal

Beyond the

Call of Duty

First exhibitions and interventions

in public spaces

Archives 1997-2001

These approaches come together and intermingle, sometimes in a single project, fitting within each other like Russian nesting dolls. Indeed, the movement that I am talking about – of artist and creation in different environments – is a situation that may also be set up through an art network; this situation is often disseminated through that network and may give rise to works that are exhibited there. Similarly, spaces devoted to art – to its presentation, dissemination, conservation, and teaching – also constitute human environments to be probed in the same way as other environments.

Drawing with the Religieuses Hospitalières de Saint-Joseph


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