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Turning my attention to what is not visible as such but is part of the experience of the world, shaping it from within. Changing the point of view to consider what, in this experience, would otherwise remain in the shadows. This research, which challenges our perceptions, the very way we look at things, is at the centre of my approach. It leads me to probe the underside of social and cultural fabrics – aspects of reality that are hidden, forgotten, abandoned, or overlooked. Developed in diverse contexts, rooted in exchanges and collaborations, my art projects involve the participation of communities and individuals from different environments in the production of traces and narratives. I move around and enter territories and environments to draw out creative grounds from this experience. The process then rests on duration, being there, listening, investigations and collecting all manners of data – drawings, photographs, videos, testimonies, documents, varied materials and objects that I display in the form of installations. Performance is also part of my work. It allows me to embody states of attention and commitment related to the explored situations.


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