The Burden of Objects

Performed collection



Canada, Italy, Mexico, United States

I invited people from different regions in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Italy to part with a forsaken object which they had nevertheless hung onto. To cast off the burden associated with it. In exchange, I undertook to provide it another life as part of an artistic project. Each person rummaged around to find an object and told me why they were ready to part with it. I accumulated like this a collection of approximately 1800 elements — the smallest being a pearl, and the largest an armchair — and kept a record of their stories.


These objects became my companions.

When I start collecting, I think of each situation in my life through this activity. It triggers a process. I sort through the objects and set them up in various ways in the space. These gestures enable me to create groupings, families. To weave a web of relations which also extends beyond.


I think of the different lives of objects. Of the various journeys they have made since they were manufactured, of the tightness of the spaces that later separate them. I wonder about what remains and what is lost through them. Personal objects, commercial and institutionalized objects. How to extricate them from the categories which limit their use?


I have entered various museums with these objects. There I have explored the little-known labyrinths of their collections, as if these places were also objects to disentangle, spaces to open.


This project has unfolded over different time periods, through travels, residencies, actions and exhibitions that have produced works in the form of assemblages, installations, videos, photographs, drawings, public readings and performances.


Summit Meetings is the last stage concluding this creation cycle.


Le Poids des objets – Recommencer, La Chambre blanche (Québec), 2011 

Résidence de création au Cégep de Granby-Haute-Yamaska, co-produite par le 3e ImpérialGranby, 2011-2012

Performer l’archive. Archi-féministes! Volet 2, exposition collective, Optica, Montreal — Curators : Marie-Ève Charron, Marie-Josée Lafortune and Thérèse Saint-Gelais


Projet Stanstead ou comment traverser la frontière : volet 2, Galerie d’art Foreman, Sherbrooke, QC — Curator : Geneviève Chevalier.



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